5 Steps to Clear Negativity – by Lauren Archer

Negative emotions are toxic to your system. They wreak havoc in your body, triggering a steady drip of damaging neurochemicals. They hijack your ability to think rationally, and ambush your self-esteem. When you allow yourself to ruminate or wallow in feelings of negativity, your subconscious mind will seek out any possible way to feel better, even if that means engaging in an unproductive habit like overeating, smoking, drinking alcohol, or other damaging behaviors. Feelings of self-criticism, worry, doubt, fear, anger, resentment, sadness or resignation settle into your body and send a signal to your entire mind-body system that something isn’t right. … Read More

5 Steps to More Positive Emotions – by Lauren Archer

Positive Emotions

Emotional states are like weather patterns. Think of it this way: Negative emotions are like passing storms. Positive emotions are like sunlight that you can collect and store within your system in much the way solar panels store the sun’s energy. Use the following exercise to let the storms of negativity gently pass through you (with minimal impact), as you aim your “emotional solar panels” to absorb and collect the benefits of positive emotional states. 5 Steps to More Positive Emotions 1. First, notice any residual feelings of worry, doubt, fear, resentment, or anger in your body. 2. Second, relax … Read More