Exercise Tip: Cardiovascular Exercise Strategies – by Lauren Archer

Couple Exercising

The four main types of exercise are Cardiovascular, Strength, Balance and Flexibility. Here are some important tips for enhancing your cardiovascular health through exercise. What NOT to do when doing Cardiovascular Exercise When starting an exercise program, especially with the goal of weight loss in mind, many people make the mistake of trying to do too much, too soon. This can lead to stress injuries, exhaustion, and an unsustainable pace. Best practices You’re much better off starting gently, doing a little at a time, and building up your capacity over time. Your heart muscle is strong, and can quickly gain … Read More

How to Avoid Dangerous Ingredients & Be a Smart Label Reader – by Dr. Christine James


One of the first kitchen rules I have on my family early on was this: Anything with high fructose corn syrup is not allowed in our house. By age 7 my daughter was already reading food labels in the grocery store for ingredients. With a sigh she would place an item with high fructose corn syrup back on the shelf without even a glance at me. This simple rule eliminated about 80% of grocery items and limited the majority of my shopping to the peripheral aisles. Why eliminate High Fructose Corn Syrup? High fructose corn syrup is a cheap “super … Read More

Exercise Tip: The Benefits of Gym Membership – by Lauren Archer

Benefits of Gym Membership

Benefits of Gym Membership: For weight loss, knowledge is power. In addition to a healthy eating plan, exercise is essential. While you can manage to build an effective exercise routine at home, there are multiple benefits to going to the gym. January is an ideal month to start a membership at a local health club. Many offer promotions including extra services and special discounts that are well worth the investment. Here are some of the advantages of gym membership over working out at home. The Top Three Benefits of Gym Membership 1. Access to Personal Training and Assistance The most … Read More

5 Steps to Clear Negativity – by Lauren Archer

Negative emotions are toxic to your system. They wreak havoc in your body, triggering a steady drip of damaging neurochemicals. They hijack your ability to think rationally, and ambush your self-esteem. When you allow yourself to ruminate or wallow in feelings of negativity, your subconscious mind will seek out any possible way to feel better, even if that means engaging in an unproductive habit like overeating, smoking, drinking alcohol, or other damaging behaviors. Feelings of self-criticism, worry, doubt, fear, anger, resentment, sadness or resignation settle into your body and send a signal to your entire mind-body system that something isn’t right. … Read More

Trust Your Gut – by Dr. Christine James

Trust Your Gut

Trust Your Gut: New research is revealing what most Naturopathic Doctors take for granted: that the state of your health and weight may in fact begin in your gut! Gut Bacteria Influences Weight Storage and Loss The bacteria in your gut helps you digest food and enables you to absorb vital nutrients. One study observed that the gut microbes in genetically obese mice have a greater capacity to harvest and store energy (calories) from the diet. (1) When researchers transplanted the microbes from the gut of obese mice into the gut of slender (and germ-free) mice, the slender mice experienced … Read More

Exercise Tip: Hit the Floor! – by Lauren Archer

When you hear exercise, what comes in your mind is that the equipment the you use while doing exercise. Other worries the need to own equipment just to do the exercise. However, exercise can just actually be performed without needing the requirement. You just need your self ready for the challenges and then you are good to go. Let us hit the floor! Add these three simple exercises to your home (or office) movement routine. No special equipment is required. With this exercise, you’ll be strengthening your hips, thighs, gluteals, and abdominals, while stretching, and burning calories all at the … Read More

Prevent Heart Disease and Protect Your Heart – by Dr. Christine James


There are a lot of people nowadays who are experiencing heart disease illnesses. How would you prevent it? Here are things you should know. Did you know – Heart disease is the number one cause of death in women, and is more deadly than all forms of cancer combined. – Heart disease claims 1 in 3 women in the US, killing approximately one woman every minute. – More women than men die each year from heart disease. – The symptoms of heart disease can be different in women and men and are often misunderstood. – Excess weight is a significant … Read More

Exercise Tip: 3 Easy Indoor Exercises – by Lauren Archer

Here are 3 easy indoor exercises that will help you burn calories, strengthen your muscles, stay limber, and keep moving. They’re easy enough to do anywhere — so no excuses! Easy Indoor Exercises 1. Leg lifts Stand up and hold on to a wall or a sturdy chair. Lift one leg to the front, side, and rear, 15 times in each direction, for each leg. Alternate legs between sets. These are fabulous for burning calories because your legs comprise a large chunk of your body’s mass and it requires energy to lift them. You’re also strengthening and stretching muscles. When … Read More

5 Steps to More Positive Emotions – by Lauren Archer

Positive Emotions

Emotional states are like weather patterns. Think of it this way: Negative emotions are like passing storms. Positive emotions are like sunlight that you can collect and store within your system in much the way solar panels store the sun’s energy. Use the following exercise to let the storms of negativity gently pass through you (with minimal impact), as you aim your “emotional solar panels” to absorb and collect the benefits of positive emotional states. 5 Steps to More Positive Emotions 1. First, notice any residual feelings of worry, doubt, fear, resentment, or anger in your body. 2. Second, relax … Read More